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How Lonnie Bunch Built a Museum Dream Team

An exclusive excerpt from the Smithsonian Secretarys new book, A Fools Errand...

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How Peter Wayne Lewis Infuses His Artwork With the Spirit of Jazz

A new exhibit explores bebop and the Buddha...

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Is the Future of Entertainment the 40-Years-Old 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Series?

Forty years ago, a beloved paperback series set the stage for todays obsession with interactive entertainment...

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From Skinning Coconuts to Tire Recycling, This Photographer Captures Vietnam at Work

Huynh Thanh Huy presents a striking portrait of a nation undergoing a dramatic shift from agriculture to manufacturing...

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Here's the Guitar That Prince Revolutionized Music With in 'Purple Rain'

The artist gave the cloud guitar to the Smithsonian in 1993, but only now do we know its the same instrument used in the iconic movie...

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Cherokee Indians Can Now Harvest Sochan Within a National Park

For the first time, the indigenous community is allowed to gather the cherished plant on protected land...

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From Bottles to Newspapers, These Five Homes Were Built Using Everyday Objects

Open for visitors, these houses model upcycling at its finest...

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