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A Scholar Takes a Deep Dive Into a Painted Homage to Abraham Lincoln

U.S. artist George Peter Alexander Healys presidential portraiture, conceived years after the sitter passed away...

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The Rise and Fall of America's Lesbian Bars

Only 15 nightlife spaces dedicated to queer and gay women remain in the United States...

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Proactive Tips for Speaking With Children About Violence, Racism and Tragic Events

What do we tell children now Its time to ask ourselves what we are going to say and do before the next time this happens...

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Smithsonian Educators Offer Tips for Talking to Children After a Traumatic Event

As details about traumatic events unfold in the news, it is important for families to navigate these conversations with young children with care....

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How 'Wonder Woman 1984' Was Filmed at the Smithsonian

The blockbuster saw the superhero working as a museum anthropologist. But how accurate was its depiction of the Institution at the time...

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A New Film Details the FBI's Relentless Pursuit of Martin Luther King Jr.

Smithsonian scholar says the time is ripe to examine the mans complexities for a more accurate and more inspirational history...

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The True History Behind 'One Night in Miami'

Regina Kings directorial debut dramatizes a 1964 meeting between Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke and Jim Brown...

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