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The Art of the Teleconference

Transform your Zoom virtual background or computer desktop into a work of art...

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Native Women Artists Reclaim Their Narrative

The first major exhibition of its kind, Hearts of Our People, boasts 82 pieces from 115 Native women across North America...

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As Face Mask Supply Dwindles, Fashion Designers Offer Their Assistance

In New York City, a desperate need among healthcare workers has pushed to the forefront the question: Is homemade equipment safe to use...

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Five New Nonfiction Books to Read While You're Stuck at Home

Were highlighting newly released titles may have been lost in the news as the nation endures the coronavirus pandemic...

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Let These Photos Take You on a Peaceful Paddle in Minnesota's Boundary Waters

Venturing into the wilderness for often weeks at a time, nature photographer Dawn LaPointe is used to social distancing...

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How to Talk With Children About COVID-19

An early childhood education expert provides tips about how to explain the ongoing pandemic to children...

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Native American Photographers Develop the Stories of Their People

Through their images, these artists combat the stereotypes perpetuated by American history and culture...

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