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Heidi Schreck's Riveting Play Deconstructs the U.S. Constitution

Her surprising drama about the founding document encourages a wider view of American justice...

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José Andrés' Generous Helping of Humanity

Braving storms, floods and earthquakes, the renowned chef is forging a new way to feed the needy...

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Why the Newest Works by Amy Sherald Focus on Ordinary People

The artist who garnered fame at the Smithsonian and then painted the official portrait of Michelle Obama brings her unique style to the public...

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How Lil Nas X and 'Old Town Road' Defy Categorization

The self-taught 20-year-old musician galloped to global fame with his chart-topping song that fuses country and hip-hop together...

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The True Story of the Aberfan Disaster

The 1966 Welsh mining tragedy claimed the lives of 116 children and 28 adults and features heavily in the third season of Netflixs The Crown...

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Smithsonian Elevates the Frequently Ignored Histories of Women

For many, the personal--tea cups, dresses, needlework and charm bracelets--really was political. A new book tells why...

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Six Spots Around the World Where You Can Try Your Hand at Falconry

From castles to vineyards to bird parks, these sites will introduce you to the ancient sport...

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