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A Brief History of the Waffle Iron

Cornelius Swartwouts invention, patented 150 years ago, helped feed Americas passion for waffles...

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Sculptor Edmonia Lewis Shattered Gender and Race Expectations in 19th-Century America

As the orphaned child of a black father and a Native-American mother, Lewis rewrote the 19th-century definition of sculptor...

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How to Read Like Mark Twain

Step one: Pretend you dont like books...

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Dramatic New Photographs Recreate Scenes of Artists at Work

Adrien Brooms series brings vitality to how we think about the likes of Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner or Mark Twain...

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Why Americans Love Their Apple Pie

How did a humble dessert become a recipe for democracy...

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Who Says Horses and Cows Can't Be Artists?

The sculptures on display at the Great Salt Lick Contest in Oregon are the work of cattle, horses, sheep and deer...

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John Steinbeck's Epic Ocean Voyage Rewrote the Rules of Ecology

A legendary writer, a quirky biologist and their jolly adventure in the Sea of Cortez...

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