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This Bioplastic Made From Fish Scales Just Won the James Dyson Award

British product designer Lucy Hughes has invented a biodegradable plastic made from fish offcuts...

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The Equal Rights Amendment Is 96 Years Old and Still Not Part of the Constitution. Here's Why

A brief history of the long battle to pass what would now be the 28th Amendment...

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The Accidental Invention of Play-Doh

The much-loved childrens toy was a desperate spinoff of a putty used to clean soot off of wallpaper...

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Jim Crow Compounded the Grief of African American Mothers Whose Sons Were Killed in World War I

Smithsonian Books presents We Return Fighting, a groundbreaking exploration of African American involvement in World War I...

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The True Story of the Battle of Midway

The new film Midway revisits the pivotal WWII battle from the perspectives of pilots, codebreakers and naval officers on both sides of the conflict...

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The Unmistakable Black Roots of 'Sesame Street'

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the beloved childrens television show was shaped by the African-American communities in Harlem and beyond...

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The Sleek History of Airline Maps

A new book explores the evolution of cartography throughout more than a century of commercial air travel...

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