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From Bottles to Newspapers, These Five Homes Were Built Using Everyday Objects

Open for visitors, these houses model upcycling at its finest...

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A Hymn to Notre-Dame

In which the renowned author of thrillers and mysteries praises the Gothic beauty, damaged by fire but destined to inspire again...

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The Rise of the Zombie Mall

Hundreds of big retail centers have gone under, but the shop-til-you drop lifestyle isnt dead yet...

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A Century Ago, This Eerie-Sounding Instrument Ushered in Electronic Music

Now, the theremin--a strange little invention that translates hand gestures into pitch and volume--could make a comeback...

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This New Dye Changes Color When Exposed to UV Light

Color-change shoes, jewelry, cars, furniture and more could be possible with this new MIT technology...

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Exploring Roald Dahl's Wondrous Wales

Follow in the footsteps of the beloved childrens book author by visiting these four locales in the United Kingdom...

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Move Over Fake Meat, It's Time for Veggie Seafood

Here are six companies bringing you animal-free fish products, from tomato-based sushi to Fysh Sauce...

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