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8 Craft Trends for 2019

Craft trends for 2019 should make their way into your projects and home decor this year. You have 11 more months to make sure you’re on trend! After attending the 78th annual Creativation show in Phoenix, we’ve come away with some thrilling new projects and old favorites to try in 2019. Macrame Macrame was trending […] The post 8 Craft Trends for 2019 appeared first on FaveCrafts. ...

26 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Sometimes I look at Christmas as a competition. Who can come up with the absolute best Christmas gift idea Each year, I want to give gifts to my family and friends that are different, unique, and handmade. Personally, I feel that DIY Christmas gift ideas are great because they’re unexpected. They’re off the beaten path. Anyone can go out and […] The post 26 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family appeared first on FaveCrafts. ...

Over 30 Fashion Painting Ideas from DecoArt

Upgrade your accessories with the beautiful fashion painting projects in 30+ Fashion Painting Ideas with DecoArtŪ Stylin™. Our friends at DecoArt have a new line of paints called Stylin™, and these paints have been specially formulated to be used on fabric, leather, and other textiles so you can take your accessories to new heights! 30+ Fashion Painting […] The post Over 30 Fashion Painting Ideas from DecoArt appeared first on FaveCrafts. ...

Boho Crochet Wrap Pattern

Nothing truly represents summer like bohemian fashion. Well, maybe a few other things might, but this trend definitely screams summer! And I absolutely love anything influenced by bohemian style. During this sunny season, I’ll only be wearing boho pieces! That boho-inspired sewn bag pattern I’m taking it everywhere with me. That boho beaded bracelet I’m […] The post Boho Crochet Wrap Pattern appeared first on FaveCrafts. ...

Our Top 5 Homemade Gifts For Men

Everybody loves a homemade gift. Whether you’re given a crochet scarf or a handmade card, homemade gifts make you feel a little extra loved and appreciated. I mean, don’t get me wrong; I would love a brand-new pair of shoes. But nothing beats a homemade gift because it means somebody spent their time and energy […] The post Our Top 5 Homemade Gifts For Men appeared first on FaveCrafts. ...

19 Summer Kitchen Crafts

Until a few years ago, I never really cared about decorating my home. My mom, however, loved (and still loves!) going to Home Goods and buying decorations for her home. In the fall, she’ll buy nicely-dressed scarecrows to place outside, and in the winter, she’ll buy way too many Santa Claus dolls. When I was […] The post 19 Summer Kitchen Crafts appeared first on FaveCrafts. ...

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