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The Only Conversation Starters You Need {Free Printable Cards}

Conversation starters are a great way to keep family and guests entertained before during and or after your meal. These printable cards give you non-controversial conversation topics and things to talk about.  Your guest will also have fun testing their knowledge with this printable Thanksgiving Trivia game. Conversation Starters There are 30 questions that are easy and fun to answer.  Some might make you think a little bit harder. My favorite... The post The Only Conversation Starters You N...

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

These darling Thanksgiving coloring pages will keep kids busy and entertained at your Thanksgiving dinner. Coloring pages for kids are a great way to make sure they have fun at your gathering. Guests will also love these printables:  Thanksgiving Trivia a super fun game!  Thanksgiving Conversation Starters are sure to keep the conversation flowing during your meal!   Thanksgiving Coloring Page Thanksgiving Coloring Pages To Show Gratitude I love the... The post Thanksgiving Coloring P...

Made by You Monday

It’s Monday show us what you’ve got. It is time to link up your crafty goodness! Please don’t forget to link back! — a text link at the bottom of your post, or link somewhere on your blog is okay! By linking up to Made By You Monday. You give permission for one photo and a link to be featured in a post, and on social media.  This... The post Made by You Monday appeared first on Skip To My Lou. ...

Potato Side Recipes

Potatoes are a big part of every Thanksgiving meal or any dinner! These potato recipes are sure to make your dinner unique. In fact these potatoes might just steal the show… Potato Side Recipes This Loaded Baked Mashed Potatoes recipe is a cheesy, delicious side dish suitable for holiday or family dinners throughout the year. It’s loaded with plenty of cheese, bacon, and roasted garlic for comforting goodness in every bite! ... The post Potato Side Recipes appeared first on Skip To My ...

Make A Pilgrim Hat {FREE TEMPLATES}

This cool Pilgrim hat will make you the best-dressed guest at your Thanksgiving dinner.  Do you prefer a Pilgrim bonnet No worries I have a paper Pilgrim bonnet tutorial.  Either way, you will have a fun and festive Thanksgiving with these awesome hats.  Have all the supplies ready and it a great way to entertain the kids before your meal. Pilgrim Hat Supplies It doesn’t take many supplies to be... The post Make A Pilgrim Hat {FREE TEMPLATES} appeared first on Skip To My Lou. ...

Funny Jokes to Make You Laugh!

Share a giggle with these funny jokes! There are over 50 short jokes that are kid friendly! We love kids jokes! 50 Funny Jokes Have a good laugh over these clean jokes you can tell your friends and kids without getting in trouble! Why did the scarecrow win an award Because he was outstanding in his field. Why did the melon jump into the lake It wanted to be a... The post Funny Jokes to Make You Laugh! appeared first on Skip To My Lou. ...

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