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13 Brilliant Ways to Get Kids to Journal

Are you looking for creative ways to help your child make goals or start a great habit of journaling Then check out these fun DIY ideas which include cool writing prompts, topics to write about, DIY journals to make and lots of unique journal topics. This list of journal topics for kids bring you free […] More Source...

24 Awesome DIY Star Wars Gifts for Your Jedi

If you have a Star Wars kid or adult who’s a super fan in your house like I do then today is your lucky day my friend. {giggle} I’ve found some super cool star wars gift ideas that are sure to delight those of all ages. These Star Wars themed gifts are DIY or buy […] More Source...

20+ Handmade Christmas Ornaments Using Cardboard!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments don’t need to look cheap or homemade. Here are several beautiful Christmas ornaments to make using cardboard that would make pretty Christmas tree decorations and gift toppers. I got a request from Abigail asking for some Cardboardhandmade Christmas ornaments and you know how I am to serve. {high fives} There are so […] More Source...

90+ Disney Princess Costumes for Girls [free patterns]

Disney Princess costumes are perfect for every day dress up as well as Halloween. I’ve already featured over70 Easy Halloween Costumes for Girls with free patterns. Sadly, I don’t have a daughter of my own so searching for little girl Disney Princess Costumes has been such a delight. Those who have daughters are seriously so […] More Source...

Find Your DIY Halloween Costumes Here! [A-Z free patterns]

Find Halloween Costumes: 1 ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP QRS TUVWX YZ If you’re looking for a specific DIY Halloween costume pattern or tutorial, then click the first letter of the alphabet that it starts with. For instance, if you’re looking for an Incredibles costume then click the “I” for Incredibles or “D” for Disney. How to Search for […] More Source...

32 Adorable Dog Costumes to DIY

Dog costumes are so much fun to make and I’ve got quite the list of dog costumes to DIY or buy. If you’re looking for a fun costume idea to dress up your pet then I’ve got you covered with some fun theme ideas. RELATED: 8 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet […] More Source...

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  • Light Up Trace Case each

    Light Up Trace Case each
    Trace and create with this battery operated light box Use the activity sheets inside to mix and match features to create your own wacky cartoon characters. Or t...(more)

    $30.00 More Details
  • 24 Finger Paints each

    24 Finger Paints each
    Your pre-schooler or toddler can finger paint in a full spectrum of color Each washable color is contained in individual 1 fl. oz./ 30 ml resealable cups for ho...(more)

    $22.99 More Details
  • Doodle Cake Crayons each

    Doodle Cake Crayons each
    Wondering what to do with your broken crayons- Make cupcake crayons Just fill the silicon mold with crayon crumbles, bake and draw with a multi-colored cupcake....(more)

    $13.00 More Details
  • Giant Art Jar each

    Giant Art Jar each
    The Giant Art Jar is a huge bucketful of fabulous craft supplies The jar contains everything you need for making collage and other paper craft.Jar contents: mul...(more)

    $32.00 More Details
  • Musical Treasure Box each

    Musical Treasure Box each
    Put a pink tutu on your jewelry box. Add shimmery gems, jewels and glitter. Then fill it with your precious jewelry. Your ballerina dances to Swan Lake each tim...(more)

    $22.50 More Details
  • Home Tweet Home each

    Home Tweet Home each
    Paint a thatched roof wooden birdhouse measuring 7 in. W x 6 in. H x 6 in. D. This set includes 6 weatherproof paints, a brush, and easy instructions. For ages ...(more)

    $13.00 More Details
  • Magic Tracer each

    Magic Tracer each
    Trace like a pro, without using any tracing paper You can use the art included, or use artwork of your own. Just place the paper in the Magic Tracer, and tilt t...(more)

    $16.00 More Details
  • Fashion Weaving Loom each

    Fashion Weaving Loom each
    Weaving is quick and easy Mix it up with super thick rainbow and fluffy yarn to make fun and fluffy accessories in a snap. Kit contains 10 in. x 7 1/2 in. woode...(more)

    $27.00 More Details
  • Tape All Day pack of 8 rolls

    Tape All Day pack of 8 rolls
    Tear, stick, and create with tons of tape in colors and patterns. Embellish gifts and artwork or make your own free form creations. Includes 8 rolls, 131 ft. to...(more)

    $8.50 More Details
  • Portable Art Set each

    Portable Art Set each
    The Alex Portable 150 piece Art Set includes everythnig you need to draw, paint and color Inside the portable carrying case you'll find , 36 markers, 24 colored...(more)

    $19.00 More Details
  • Mini Art Set each

    Mini Art Set each
    This cute 24 piece mini art set contains 8 crayons, 12 watercolor cakes, a paint brush, pencil, sharpener, and eraser all in a convenient portable case....(more)

    $4.00 More Details
  • Monster Art Center each

    Monster Art Center each
    Give your child a great introduction to multiple art mediums The 132 piece Monster Art Center contains 12 watercolors, palette, 28 colored pencils, 24 oil paste...(more)

    $85.00 More Details
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