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  • Juggling each

    Juggling each
    Learn to juggle with simple step-by-step instructions. Comes with 3 aerodynamically sound bean bags, a storage bag and a book with everything you need to juggle...(more)

    $13.45 More Details
  • Thumb Doodles Book each

    Thumb Doodles Book each
    Create awesome artwork with your thumb as a paintbrush and the included ink pads as paint. For the finishing touch, add some personality with a few pen strokes....(more)

    $13.45 More Details
  • Cootie Catcher Book each

    Cootie Catcher Book each
    A clever little book on everyone's favorite playground fortune-teller, with 22 pre-printed tear-em-out-and-fold-em-up pages. Plus instructions on how to make yo...(more)

    $13.75 More Details
  • Doodle Journal each

    Doodle Journal each
    With clever journal prompts and drawing ideas, this journal goes beyond words and into the land of doodling. Each page includes doodle-starters--faint guidelin...(more)

    $15.25 More Details
  • Potholders each

    Potholders each
    At last, the classic weaving loom gets a long-overdue infusion of imagination, ingenuity and fun. this book comes with a sturdy red loom and oodles of colorful,...(more)

    $15.25 More Details
  • Paper Pups each

    Paper Pups each
    This kit comes with two tear-resistant paper puppies-a Chihuahua and a Yorkshire Terrier. Their fabulous wardrobes include outfits for all seasons, accessories,...(more)

    $15.29 More Details
  • Lego each

    Lego each
    A brand new book of high performance projects. From the Supercharged Speedster to the Wall Rocket Racer to the Squeezeclaw Grabber-all these contraptions spin, ...(more)

    $19.75 More Details
  • Window Art window cling kit

    Window Art window cling kit
    Make fantastic sun catchers that you can peel off and reuse again and again Klutz Window Art details more than 100 designs for use with the six colors of transl...(more)

    $19.75 More Details
  • Color-In Stained Glass each

    Color-In Stained Glass each
    Color-in Stained Glass takes coloring suncatchers to radiant new heights. 18 boldly outlined designs printedon translucent paper are waiting to be brought to li...(more)

    $19.79 More Details
  • Nail Art nail art

    Nail Art nail art
    Tips, techniques, and hundreds of designs to paint on fingernails (and toenails, too). No artistic genius required. Comes with six colors of non-toxic, peel-off...(more)

    $19.79 More Details
  • Bead Loom Bracelets each

    Bead Loom Bracelets each
    This book features detailed instructions and step-by-step illustrations for making 7 different bracelets. All supplies are provided, including a custom bead loo...(more)

    $22.72 More Details