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Scrapbooking News:

frankie exclusive diy: travel neck pillow

Put your itty bitty scraps of fabric to good use by making your own travel essential.So you’ve booked yourself a ticket out of this place, huh  Good for you!  I’m sure you’ve made a list of things you need to arrange before you travel and essentials you need to pack.  One thing you may not have thought of is a neck pillow for that long flight/drive/cruise/what-have-you.  But before you resign yourself to picking up a cheap polyester squishy thing from the co...

cute and cuddly crochet critters

Youre never too old for a stuffed animal.As everyone knows, you’re never too old to appreciate a good stuffed animal. And yes, you can take that as permission to surround your home with as many of Irene Strange’s creations as you like (we sure will). From hook-holding llamas to plush penguins, London-based crochet artist Irene has lovingly handmade a range of adorable animals that will bring a smile to the face of any child or grown-up child. Irene’s grandmother introduced her ...

micador jewellery kit giveaway

Jewellery making kits to get creative with.If there’s one thing we love about a good crafternoon, it’s the stress-relieving properties that come with looking away from a screen. The good folks at Micador have created a number of DIY wooden jewellery kits, which are just the thing to distract your mind and refresh bleary eyes.  They can each be decorated with coloured threads or acrylic paints to whip up a necklace or bangle to your liking. As you might have guessed, we’ve ...

frankie exclusive diy: native flora gift decoration

A special bottlebrush and wattle decoration for your most precious Chrissie gifts.I love the whole song and dance of gift wrapping. Making a special present look as amazing on the outside as it is on the inside is always worthwhile. And while there’s nothing wrong with a bit of sparkly wrapping paper, these stylized bottlebrush and wattle flowers, paired with some plain wrapping paper, are a unique alternative to make your gifts extra intriguing. And best of all, they’re super-simple...

diy macramé bag

Hey there, fancy bag lady.Forget the ‘80s working woman, all we want to do right now is dress like a retired lady of leisure. And why not Making like Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun means wearing comfy linens and snuggly grandma cardigans all day. If you too like the idea of looking like youre perpetually on holiday, you might be into making this fancy macramé bag – its the exact kind of carryall youd imagine Diane taking to the local markets and filling with fresh lem...

soft food

Look, touch, but please dont eat.Much like the enticing plastic foods found outside Japans restaurants, Chloe A Smith’s art teases us with a tantalising smorgasbord of inedible dishes. It’s no surprise then to learn that the local artist is a fan of Takizo Iwasaki, the father of Japanese replica foods. Rather than casting wax moulds of ramen and omurice, Chloe fashions felt versions of nostalgic Aussie snacks, desk lunches and fruits. If you’ve got a rumbling tummy, we suggest ...

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