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visible mending embroidered monstera

Save your duds from the donation bin by patching up holes and tears with some clever stitching.Similar to the Japanese process of kintsugi (repairing broken pottery with gold), visible mending is a way of artfully repairing torn clothing, turning the item into something even better than its original form. Theres no gold involved in this process (well, unless youre feeling extra fancy) – just some clever stitching. Here, Ive used simple embroidery stitches to save a pair of jeans from the d...

totally trolleyed

How to pimp your nanna cart in time for the next market run.Been stuck in struggletown, lugging home armfuls of grocery bags Take a leaf out of Nannas book and grab a little two-wheeler to call your own. MATERIALSapprox. 200cm x 110cm of your chosen fabricmatching thread2m of contrasting bias binding (1.5cm wide)pinsscissorssewing machinerulerpencilironbrown paper or newspaper for a basic template NOTE: We’ll use the existing trolley fabric as our foundation, and cover it neatly with nicer...

diy raffia decorated bag

Spruce up an old bag with raffia flowers.We’re not sure what’s behind the revival of straw bags, though they do make the wearer look like they’re on an eternal holiday, and that is no bad thing. The downside of course, is that trendy woven bags can cost you an arm and a leg. The alternative Fashion one yourself. This tutorial from Enthralling Gumption makes the most of a basket by adding rope handles and coloured raffia flowers to turn it into a tote. Our tip is to bypass the b...

diy lunch bag

It sure beats carting your food around in a scrappy plastic bag.We’re not quite sure why lunch bags are reserved for school kids. Grown-ups, too, deserve to keep their food in cute packages, and to carry a bag unblemished by a leaky container. If you tend to agree, you can whip up a hand-painted, water resistant lunch bag of your own. The folks at Paper Stitch Blog have a handy-dandy guide for you to get started – just head this way to give it a go.diy lunch bag...

diy embroidered postcards

A pretty cool way to jazz up vintage photos.If you’ve pored through the piles of vintage photographs that end up at flea markets and vintage stores, you’ll know how tempting it is to start your own collection. But what to do with these photos of perfect strangers once you get home This embroidery tutorial from Etsy suggests jazzing up your old images with a needle and thread. Simply select a photo that takes your fancy, start poking holes and stitch away however you feel.  Find ...

straight-talking stitches

A crafty project that isnt afraid to tell it like it is.Whoever says swearing isnt pretty obviously hasnt met this embroidery hoop. Not only does it give the up yours to whoever may be giving you grief, itll also look pretty sweet sitting above your desk, in your hallway or wherever you prefer your mantras to be. Etsy legend EllucyStitches has a shop full of these straight-talking embroidery kits (because stitching up your own sweary crafts is one of the best ways to de-stress). Peep some more d...

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