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Scrapbooking News:

diy salad spinner plates

Throw a plate and some paints into your salad spinner and give it a whirl.Whoever invented the salad spinner deserves a great big pat on the back. Not only does it keep our lettuce crisp, the spinner’s centrifugal forces also prove to be a cool tool for art projects. Case in point: this colourful set of party platters, made by sticking a transparent plate in a salad spinner, dropping in a few haphazard drops of paint, closing the lid and spinning away. It really is that easy. Find the step...

mascots for your everyday anxieties

These cute critters wrestle with the same fears that we do. Theyre here to tell us its going to be OK. Artist Cat Rabbit has joined forces with fellow creative lady Andrea Innocent to turn a host of everyday moods and anxieties into a collection of squishy felt mascots. The duo has created six relatable plushies all up – among them: ‘Telephant’, an elephant who feels fear and dread when the phone rings; the ‘Bowl of Comfort’, a pyjama-clad, ramen-minded mascot ...

diy paper umbrella garland

Lifes a beach, why not turn your living room into one, tooOf the many reasons we love summer (the splendid sunsets, ice-cream every second day), sticking a paper umbrella into everything we drink is pretty up there. Not only do they automatically make us feel like were on a tropical island holiday, we also like to think their tiny arms are shading our ice cubes from the sun. The problem is, we never quite know what to do with them afterwards. Not anymore. Thanks to this festive DIY garland,...

plush plants

Accidental plant killers, meet your new best friend.You know that friend you entrusted with your monstera when you were off in Europe for a month Who, on your return, looked at you sheepishly while handing over the wilted remains of your plant baby Well, this is the exact friend for whom this stuffed felt plant was made. Melbourne lass Plush Magic has crafted these pint-sized versions of kokedamas and other greenery that require absolute zero care. You can get em for $35 a pop and shel...

nerida hansen fabrics

You probably dont need another excuse to buy fabric but we thought you’d like to know that these are very good looking.If you like your material dotted with illustrated animals or abstract blooms, you might become a bit obsessed with Nerida Hansen fabrics (not speaking from experience or anything). The online fabric store supports independent illustrators and artists from around the world by putting their prints on rolls of cottons and linens — a win for both our crafty projects and ...

diy colourblock lamp

Sophisticated and deceptively simple to make.See this sophisticated, designer lamp right here Well, good people, we’re here to tell you that making one for yourself is deceptively simple – like ‘spend one afternoon wrapping thread around a frame while you binge a true crime podcast’ kind of simple. It takes a bit of care to space the thread out evenly, but once you get the hang of it, we guarantee youll be feeling pretty smug. Find the full tutorial featuring gloriously l...

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