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diy pom pom pillow

A fluffy cushion that looks good enough to eat.The best thing about pom poms (aside from their good looks), is that they can be mindlessly made while you catch up on all your favourite TV shows. Thats part of the reason why we were drawn to this colourful pillow by A Kailo Chic Life. All thats required is as many bright-coloured yarns as you can find, a pom pom maker (homemade or store bought) and some glue so you can stick your handiwork onto a cushion cover. To keep your hands busy through any...

ceramic heaven at takeawei

An abundance of lovely, pastel-coloured vessels await you at the Takeawei store in Melbourne.People who have a minor ceramics habit, please be on guard – the Takeawei store in Melbourne might make you consider emptying your bank account and taking home as many pretty vessels as you can carry. Takeawei’s head honcho, Chela Edmunds, has been shaping clay into eye-catching, pastel-tinged homewares for over a decade, but only opened up her Fitzroy store last year. Should you decide ...

loom and spindle

Weaving tools that are pretty dang affordable.Weaving tools can certainly cost a pretty penny. If you’re not yet a weaving pro, but want to give it a red hot go, Loom and Spindle’s inexpensive supplies might be able to help you out. The store’s wooden and Perspex looms are designed and made locally, and come flat-packed for you to assemble. With weaving looms ranging from $26.99 to $49.99 (depending on size), its a relatively low-cost way to dip into the craft. Check ouf the ra...

frankie exclusive diy: cross-stitch camera strap

Jazz up your camera with some meditative cross-stitching.Who says camera straps have to be boring monochrome If youre looking to add a little pizazz to your camera gear, a bright, bold and geometric cross-stitch can look pretty damn awesome. This DIY will guide you on making your own camera strap, from the wonderfully meditative stitching process to attaching the final clasps. MATERIALS-At least 85cm x 10cm of 6 count cross-stitch canvas (The count refers to how many squares are in the canvas p...

frankie exclusive diy: an introduction to eco-dyeing

Nice job, Mother Nature.Once you discover this simple, earth-friendly dyeing technique, we guarantee you’ll never look at nature the same way again. Using nothing but foliage and a few helpful tools you can create vivid and colourful patterns and designs on silk, and the best thing is, there’s no harmful chemicals! Nice job, Mother Nature.MATERIALS: a piece of white or cream silk (try searching your local op shop for a vintage silk blouse)a variety of leaves (we used eucalyptus and r...

diy leafy autumn wreath

Arrange some autumnal colours into a hanging feature.We used to think leafy installations were the strict domain of wedding florists. Having now seen Bri from Design Love Fest’s tutorial for this autumnal wreath, we’re feeling a little more positive about crafting one up at home. According to Bri’s tutorial, all you need to do is forage for an assortment of foliage and flowers, then make a pit stop at your hardware store to pick up the materials for a hanging frame. It might ta...

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