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frankie exclusive diy: make a scrunchie

The humble scrunchie is well and truly back, and the truth is, were pretty darn pleased about it.The humble scrunchie is well and truly back, and the truth is, were pretty darn pleased about it. In fact, we dont know why it ever left. This super simple hair accessory is stylish and practical (best combo ever), and holds your hair in place like no scrawny ol elastic ever could. Plus, whipping one up for yourself is a piece of cake. Heres to that! MATERIALS:printed or coloured cotton of your choic...

diy cotton reel cactus kit

Whip up your own embroidered cactus for the windowsill.Not much of a green thumb Not to worry. This sweet little craft project is for plant enthusiasts more comfortable with a thimble than pruning shears. Its called the Cotton Reel Cactus Kit and is available from Bustle & Sew. Should you decide to embroider a prickly plant of your own, this kit will provide you with, well, the whole kit and caboodle to recreate what you see here. Nab one for yourself over here. diy cotton reel cactus kit...

learn the leaf stitch

A sweet-as needlepoint stitch to add to your repertoire.There is no household item that cannot be made ten times sweeter with a stitch or two. Case in point: these leaf stitch coasters. If you’ve got the basics of needlepoint down (it’s a form of embroidery done on open-weave canvas), you might like to try your crafty hand at the leaf stitch. Karen Barbe’s tutorial will help you create this nifty interlocking pattern, on which you can rest many a hot beverage. Thread your needl...

diy paper plant

Craft yourself an everlasting caladium plant.Ooh, a pretty plant that requires zero care or nourishment at all. Could it be Well, if you dont require your foliage to actually be alive, the creative folks from Sugar & Cloth have you sorted with this brilliant paper caladium. In addition to its good looks and low maintenance character, this baby is also completely safe for pets. (If you have a beloved dog or cat, you best keep it away from a real deal caladium as the leaves are extremeley toxi...

minky moo ceramics

Oh-so adorable planters.Plants are basically pets. Think about it. Leafy babies need someone to look after them while their parents are away. They also require a trim every now and again, and, just like a furry companion, have been proven to be to be good for our health. Its fitting then, that these Minky Moo planters embrace the concept of a pet plant. If youre in a set-up that doesnt accommodate an animal pal, you too, might appreciate filling the void with a leafy friend and ceramic kitten or...

diy wire hand necklace

Display those digits.Consider this necklace the grown-up version of tracing your hands. Rather than putting crayon to paper, this charming neck decoration involves sculpting a length of wire to replicate your digits. Thankfully, doing so is not quite as complex as you might imagine. If you can get hold of a soldering iron (theyre quite cheap at the hardware store if you cant nick one from a pal), you’ll be halfway to fashioning yourself a shiny new piece of jewellery. Find the full tutoria...

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