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Scrapbooking News:

try your hand at home linocutting

Carve out a little work of art for yourself. Dont be frightened by the chiselling involved in this project, its a lot easier then you think (and quite therapeutic once you get into the swing of it). Once carved, your lino blocks can be used to make as many prints as you want. You could even gift them to family and friends so they can get their own craft on! MATERIALS-paper-soft lead pencil -ezy cut printing block or artist’s linoleum block -linoleum cutters -piece ...

diy mini embroidered wall hanging

A quick and easy way to make yourself something lovely to stare at while youre stuck at your desk, fantasising about the great outdoors. This mini embroidered wall hanging is a quick and easy way to make yourself something lovely to stare at while you’re stuck at your desk, fantasising about the great outdoors. It does just as good a job at filling that odd bare spot on the wall at home too. Follow the embroidery pattern or go completely off-piste and sew your fantasy nature escape &n...

diy palm frond cocktail stirrers

Keep palm and carry on.If you’re primed to say a big sayonara to winter and sink into summer asap, think these DIY palm frond cocktail stirrers from A Fabulous Fete might be right up your alley. Who knew you needed these tropical accoutrements in your life until now Trust us, once you’ve whipped up a handful of these stirrers, you’ll wonder how any summer that came before this was festive enough. Never mind - that was the past, this is now and all you have to worry about is cre...

diy toilet roll holders

These handmade toilet roll holders might make trips to the loo a little more delightful.We all take a number of trips to the toilet a day – although it’s not necessarily the most delightful affair. (In fact, sometimes it can be excruciatingly painful.) If you’d like to make your next bathroom experience a tad nicer (and/or add a bit of colour to your loo), you might like to check out this toilet roll holder DIY. It’s pretty damn easy and rather fun, too. Pop over to Desig...

diy cactus oven mitts

We can’t wait to pop some spiky succulents on our fingers and handle dangerous things that can burn us.On a scale of things we want to use as protection for our hands, ‘cacti’ isn’t exactly high. But now we’ve seen this clever oven glove decorating DIY from Molliepop, we can’t wait to pop some spiky succulents on our fingers and handle dangerous things that can burn us. Using dead simple painting and stitching techniques (and a pair of store-bought green oven ...

it's an analogue emoji

Based on a hand-drawn design, all you need to do is ink it up and stamp away to your heart’s content.In a dystopian future when all smartphones are dead and we have to resort to old-fashioned words, text and vocal chords for communication, how will survivors indicate to each other that they’re OK They could place their index finger on their thumb and curl the rest of their hand around – sure. They could open their mouths and simply say the words – yes. But for genuine ana...

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  • Trim & Score Board each

    Trim & Score Board each
    Trim and score your paper craft projects with the convenience of one tool This board folds out to a full 12 in. x 12 in. surface and includes a scoring tool. Th...(more)

    $26.99 More Details
  • Crop-A-Dile each

    Crop-A-Dile each
    This multi-use tool with a teal handle grip sets eyelets and punches 1/8 in. and 3/16 in. holes. Punch through paper, cardstock, thick bookboard, thin tin, and ...(more)

    $26.99 More Details
  • Eyelets & Washers brass pack of 60

    Eyelets & Washers brass pack of 60
    Eyelet and washer combos allow for a smooth finish on either side. Use when making tags or in any craft project where both sides of the paper or fabric you are ...(more)

    $2.69 More Details