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There's an Origami Revolution in Industrial Design

Scientists and engineers are finding practical applications for the Japanese art form in space, medicine, robotics, architecture and more...

Why We Need a New Civil War Documentary

The success and brilliance of the new PBS series on Reconstruction is a reminder of the missed opportunity facing the nation...

If Thanos Actually Wiped Out Half of All Life, How Would Earth Fare in the Aftermath?

The aftereffects of such a mass extinction donít require a supervillainís intelligence to understand...

This Transparent Wood Could Be an Energy-Saver in Green Buildings

Researchers in Sweden have developed a material, able to store and release heat, that could potentially be used in windows...

The 19th-Century Lesbian Landowner Who Set Out to Find a Wife

A new HBO series explores the remarkable life of Anne Lister, based on her voluminous and intimate diaries...

A Brief History of Cooties

Why a 100-year-old game is still spreading across our playgrounds...

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  • Olympic HB89E Kiln

    Olympic HB89E Kiln
    The HB89E, as part of the Olympic HotBox series, is square in design and includes a three-key Bartlett electronic controller....(more)

    $819.99 More Details
  • Olympic HotBox E Kiln

    Olympic HotBox E Kiln
    The HotBox E comes equipped with a pilot light, metal stand and stainless steel jacket.This model also includes a three-key Bartlett electronic controller stand...(more)

    $587.99 More Details
  • Olympic Happy Clam Kiln

    Olympic Happy Clam Kiln
    The Happy Clam is ideal for firing jewelry, PMC, small glass and ceramic ware. The clamshell loading feature makes it easy to load and manipulate items for firi...(more)

    $925.99 More Details
  • Olympic Traveler Kiln

    Olympic Traveler Kiln
    The Traveler has an element in the lid for glass fusing and wall elements for ceramic firing. It is equipped with a selector switch for using either the lid or ...(more)

    $1,008.99 More Details
  • Paragon Caldera Digital Kiln

    Paragon Caldera Digital Kiln
    The Caldera's separate, stackable top and bottom are completely portable. This digital model features the Sentry Xpress controller, which fires up to 8 segments...(more)

    $671.99 More Details
  • Paragon Caldera XL Kiln

    Paragon Caldera XL Kiln
    The Caldera XL comes with theSentry Xpress controller, which fires up to 8 segments in ramp-hold mode. You can control both heating and cooling with a simple 3-...(more)

    $781.99 More Details
  • Paragon E10A Glass Kiln

    Paragon E10A Glass Kiln
    The E10A is a front-loading kiln popular for glass sculpture, glass bead annealing and glass crucible work, and features an infinite control and pyrometer....(more)

    $769.99 More Details
  • Paragon E14A Glass Kiln

    Paragon E14A Glass Kiln
    The E14A fires to 2000degF and is ideal for copper enameling, china painting, glass, lost wax casting and ceramic applications. The model opens from the top and...(more)

    $1,139.99 More Details
  • Paragon E9AX Kiln

    Paragon E9AX Kiln
    The E9A is popular for glass sculpture, glass bead annealing and glass crucible work and features a a 3-key electronic controller....(more)

    $734.99 More Details
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